Wedding | Clara & Daniel | Kuala Lumpur

"How old are you?" That was the line when Daniel first asked Clara during church activities. Not once but twice! That was really cute and kind of fearless.

Its truly lovely to witnessed and photographing their wedding day celebration with close friends and relatives in Kuala Lumpur. I remember the morning I step into Clara's apartment, I saw bouquet and without even asking I said "You made this..." Yeap and the car as well come the replies. Lots of personal touch and its lovely to see.

Wedding | Adeline & Danny | Kuching

Adeline & Danny, the fact that they known each other since kindergarten really put a "WOW" face on me.

I first met Danny & Adeline at Michelle & Kevin wedding about 2 year ago. I remember Michelle said " This is my younger brother, Danny and his girlfriend Adeline. They will be next". Its a huge honor to photograph their big day.

E-Session | Abby & Matthias | Kuching

A year ago we first meet up for portraits session but Abby & Matthias wasn't the main subject, its their pet dog Zoe. That was for SSPCA 2014 calendar which I contributed my time for charity purposes.

This time round, it's Abby & Matthias turn. We headed to downtown for casual simple portraits session. Our aim are just to have fun and having great time. Its pouring during the session, luckily we're in beautiful shade at Drunk Monky Bar. Once the rain stop, we head out to the surrounding area on foot. 

Wedding | Elise & Ephraim | Singapore

Narmit of Blushed Photography called to ask if I can cover a wedding on his behalf in Singapore a week before Elise & Ephraim wedding day due to unforeseen circumstance. Agreeing already make my excitement rocket high in a good way.

E-Session | Aisha & Along | Sematan Town

Both Aisha & Along were working in Kuala Lumpur. He's from Kuching & she's from Kuala Lumpur. Aisha contacted and booked a portraits session at Sematan Town early Jan 2014. I asked why Sematan, she replied "I love the photos you taken at Sematan Town". I would be my pleasure to photograph them at this small little town that has been an inspirations to me.

Sematan Town, a very laid back seaside town.

Back in Kuching (our hometown) after traveling to Bali and few day stay at Kuala Lumpur, Hui Hui and I went to Sematan Town. Yes, I bet you had heard/read my previous blog posting of this little town. Am not bored of coming here really :)

This little town has been an inspiration for my photography. Its also a town where I found "ME". Me referring to what I really wanted to show in my images :) Thought I discovered that about 3 year ago, now I came back to practice what I learned while in Bali attending Fearless Photographers Conference. Needless to said, I found lots of new perspective in this little town that we visited lots.

Street | Jonker Walks, Malacca

Jonker Streets/Walks, Malacca. We stop by at Kuala Lumpur visiting friend for few days after Bali trip. Our friend, Pooi Yee offer us a place to stay at her home and took us to Malacca for a day trip. Its was a fun day, lots to see and eat.

Fearless Photographers Conference Bali 2014

I jumped excitedly and told Hui Hui, "we're going to Bali in August". Booked our flight ticket, accommodation in Bali and a seat at Fearless Conference once the date for the conference was announced.

My philosophy for photography has always been having fun & capturing moments and pushing hard to be a better photographer. Self improvement was necessary thus I enrolled. Frankly, the conference was one of the best I did for myself and what I learned was invaluable.

Pandawa Beach - Uluwatu - Kuta

We were reluctant to leave Ubud for our next few days stay in Kuta. But because of Fearless Photographers Conference am so excited about it that I didn't really think too much of leaving Ubud for Kuta.

From Kuta, we went to Pandawa Beach, not knowing of this place and didn't expect much at first. Its turn out that we love this beach more than Kuta. Love the cliff too.. so contrasty against the sky. Its was a bliss spending time here on the beach people watching. Its weird that I been treated like local. Maybe its a good sign. hahahaha... from Pandawa Beach, we headed to Uluwatu. Just in time before the Kecak dance started. As we didn't get to watch the Kecak dance last year, we promise our-self to comeback. We got entrance ticket and got to our seat directly so don't have time to take pictures of Uluwatu. I did take few last year :) The Kecak dance was enjoyable.

Ubud - Street - Culture - Paddy Field

Ubud -  Last year we visited Ubud and just fell in love with this place. This year, we come back again and staying longer just so we can do bit of exploration. Checking in at Bliss Spa & Bungalow, this place were surrounded by paddy field. So peaceful...

We rented motorbike and ride around. Its was fun to do since I haven't ride a motorbike for more than 10 years. The food & culture were fascinating. At one point when we were at Ubud Market, we just people watching. Glad to finally tasted Naughty Nuri's Warung BBQ ribs, amazing how it taste.

From Ubud, we visited Teras Tegalalang & Kintamani again, yet again the paddy has been harvested. Venturing down the field was great experience but beware to be asked for donation.  Next trip will go to Kintamani early for the sunrise.

Barong dance was interesting to watch, the music tune were equally awesome to hear. From there we went to Kuta as mm attending Fearless Photographers Bali.

Wedding | Eve & GK | Kuching

Celebrating Evelyn & GK | We scheduled a meet up to discuss their wedding day plan after several emails back & forth. Honored for their trust to document an important puzzle in they life.

Here I share with you few of my favorites moments captured in images from Eve & GK wedding day in Kuching. Its so hard to filter down the number of images, if I share more it will take ages to load. Hopefully you will like them ya :)

Proposal | Godric & Elvynna

"Will You Marry me?" Not sure how to begin writing this blog posting as only seeing this sort of scene in Movies. Its was one really romantic proposal on the beach at Yes Union Retreat Resort at Lundu last weekend.

2014 Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF)

RWMF 2014!! 25th year in the running, Sarawak Cultural Village has been the home for the annual Rainforest Wold Music Festival. This year, Hui Hui & I were given an entrance ticket each and we had chosen to go for the Saturday event. Thanks you from the bottom of our hearth, you know who you're if you are reading this blog post.

Before heading up, we stop by at black bean for coffee boost. heading up, we parked our car at One Hotel Santubong then take a shuttle bus to Sarawak Cultural Village which is just about 3 minutes ride. We headed directly to Iban Long house as the afternoon music workshop already started. I must said it again, if one attending RWMF without going to the music workshop, you didn't truly experience the heritage of RWMF bring to you.

Wedding | Mei Ling & Kok Siong | Kuching

14th June 2014 | Mei Ling & Kok Siong, Hui Hui & I get to meet these two down to earth loving and easy going couple a few days before their wedding day in Kuching.  

As they already held formal wedding back in KL, we head out in the morning for outdoor portraits session at Kuching downtown before the tea ceremony around noon then then proceed to dinner reception at Shanghai Joyous Restaurant. 

Wedding | Stephanie & Kevin | Kuching

After numerous email & whatsapp messaging months before Stephanie & Kevin wedding day, we finally meet up for coffee to discuss on their wedding day plans.

Make Up : Mui Ling ( Pearl Studio)
Venue Church Wedding : St. Joseph Catheral
Reception Venue : Sarawak Club

Wedding Cake : My Sugar Bakes

E-Session | Suzie & Kelly

Suzie & Kelly Engagement Session. Numerous rescheduling done before we actually have a date with them out at Damai & Santubong area for their engagement portraits session as both Kelly & Suzie working at Pahang.

Wedding | Joanne & Wilson | Kuching

Joanne & Wilson | What an honored photographing their wedding day. These wedding like any others wedding attended by families & friends like some sort of huge gathering! Yes... gathering in celebration of Joanne & Wilson wedding day.

Make up : Mui Lin from Pearl Bridal
Church Wedding Ceremony : St. Joseph Catheral
Dinner Reception Venue : Sarawak Club

Baby Lowan

Lowan turned 1 year old while we were in Perth for a short holidays. He is such an adorable boy, the morning that he saw us walking into his play room he look at us with weird face. After few minutes he showing us around the house. 

Before the trip, I reminded myself to photographed Lowan and of cause together with Matt & Caren in the most candid way possible as I wanted to put the images into Album when I got back from the trip. That will be Lowan's belated birthday present :)

Trip Down to Perth, Australia

PERTH | There are so many things to said and write of Perth but I don't know where to begin with, I will just have to said I like Perth and share few of images from the short holidays. Its just seem like yesterday that we got back from Perth.

We stay at Caren's house and really enjoy the surrounding. All sorts of birds mainly parrots(too bad didn't bring along my tele-lens), we even had a chance to see bandicoot and possum just right outside the house.

Wedding | Vivian & Chun | Serian & Kuching

Wedding | Vivian & Chun | Vivian found my contact from my blog. Meeting them up am imagining how their wedding day will unfold hearing their wedding day plans. My advice to all my wedding couple that I photographed are always will be the same "Have fun on the day, please find someone to handle important task."

Found out that Chun & I have a thing in common which is "Fishing". Yes! So, the fisherman tales was an ice breaker.

Wedding | Karen & Lionel | Kuching

Celebrating Karen & Lionel | Meeting both of them & Kelly (Karen's sister) days before their wedding day give me a glimpse of event happening on the day. Still, its excited me stepping into every wedding.  

Thanks for your trust in my works, seriously honored to photographed your wedding attended by lovely families & friends. Here, I share few of my favorites images from Karen & Lionel Wedding Day in Kuching.

Wedding | Pin & Yung | Kuching

Pin & Yung, on the surface they are just like any other couple but deep down these are two individual that falling in love deeply with each other. Seeing their eyes connection while meeting up with them to go through details for their wedding day give me an ideas that its gonna be a fun day.

Wedding | Lucia & Karl | Kuching

Has been a hectic schedule since before Chinese New Year, today I promised myself that I must share with you images from recent wedding day coverage.

Racheal (Lucia's god sis) called to ask if am available on the 18th Jan to photographed her god sis wedding in Kuching. So here a I share with you few of my favorite images from Lucia & Karl Wedding Day. Its truly an honored to photographed moments on their wedding day.

Dixie Day Out to Pandan Beach, Lundu.

Dixie Day Out!!! Its has been quiet of late here in my blog... Last night before turning into bed, I told myself that I must update my blog with a post. What to post, wedding from recent work? No... I need a little timeout from that. So I came to this post!

Dixie Day Out! Back in Nov 2013, we (Hui Hui, Dixie & I) had a family outing to Pandan Beach, Lundu just to chill and taking few self portraits of us but I forgotten to bring along tripod. Still managed to get few keepers and having a great time at the beach :) Both of them has play an important part in me and has been an inspirations.

Wedding | Chia Chia & Raymond | Kuching

Chia Chia & Raymond, first timing meeting them while they are back in Kuching to arrange for their wedding, Chia Chia said that her wedding day in Kuching will be very simple and scared that I will not have much to photograph. I said "There will be lots to captures on the day" :)

Wedding | Shwu Shya & Yu Seng | Kuching

Shwu Shya & Yu Seng | Both of them are working and staying in Melaka. Yu Seng is from Kuching where as Shwu Shya is from Johor. Meeting them for the first time here in Kuching to go through their wedding plans, I know I will be having fun on the wedding day. Which I did and each wedding are fun and unique to photograph.