Street | Jonker Walks, Malacca

Jonker Streets/Walks, Malacca. We stop by at Kuala Lumpur visiting friend for few days after Bali trip. Our friend, Pooi Yee offer us a place to stay at her home and took us to Malacca for a day trip. Its was a fun day, lots to see and eat.
I read of Malacca in highschool in history class. Back then am imagining how this place like with that famous shipping/trade canal. I did not put high expectation as we just wanted to chill & relax and of cause explore a bit of the place :) It was fun, meeting and taking picture of strangers and also friend. But do notice that at some point, people will ask for money if you took picture of them. Am lucky that I didn't ask to paid by any of them.

Thanks for spending your time with us PY :) Its was a blast go out for street photos with you. Here are a few of my favorite images I photographed while at Malacca.