2014 Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF)

RWMF 2014!! 25th year in the running, Sarawak Cultural Village has been the home for the annual Rainforest Wold Music Festival. This year, Hui Hui & I were given an entrance ticket each and we had chosen to go for the Saturday event. Thanks you from the bottom of our hearth, you know who you're if you are reading this blog post.

Before heading up, we stop by at black bean for coffee boost. heading up, we parked our car at One Hotel Santubong then take a shuttle bus to Sarawak Cultural Village which is just about 3 minutes ride. We headed directly to Iban Long house as the afternoon music workshop already started. I must said it again, if one attending RWMF without going to the music workshop, you didn't truly experience the heritage of RWMF bring to you.

We stay till around 11pm before the last group performing as we want to avoid the traffic. We are looking for food as well :) Here I share with you few of my favorites images I snap as an attendee not as official photographer for anyone.