Sematan Town, a very laid back seaside town.

Back in Kuching (our hometown) after traveling to Bali and few day stay at Kuala Lumpur, Hui Hui and I went to Sematan Town. Yes, I bet you had heard/read my previous blog posting of this little town. Am not bored of coming here really :)

This little town has been an inspiration for my photography. Its also a town where I found "ME". Me referring to what I really wanted to show in my images :) Thought I discovered that about 3 year ago, now I came back to practice what I learned while in Bali attending Fearless Photographers Conference. Needless to said, I found lots of new perspective in this little town that we visited lots.

Here I share with you, few images photographed at Sematan Town. Will post up what in my camera bag soon :) Not un-common but would love to share with gears i packed in my camera bag :)

Trying my best to communication with the little boy.

He's really kind to let me photograph him with his boat.

On normal day, he caught about 300 crabs, 1000 on a good day.

Another crabber preparing his net so he can go out crabbing tomorrow.

He's still shy after that long chat. He didn't return a word actually.

Found this nice looking jetty at the village.

Padi harvesting in progress, s i join them in the field.

Just love this place. Sitting here just awesome.

83 years old Grandpa weaving basket which later he sell.

One of our favorite spot at Sematan

With hard-work and determination, she will get better.

Love their expression.