Fearless Photographers Conference Bali 2014

I jumped excitedly and told Hui Hui, "we're going to Bali in August". Booked our flight ticket, accommodation in Bali and a seat at Fearless Conference once the date for the conference was announced.

My philosophy for photography has always been having fun & capturing moments and pushing hard to be a better photographer. Self improvement was necessary thus I enrolled. Frankly, the conference was one of the best I did for myself and what I learned was invaluable.
The venue were at Hardrock Cafe, Kuta. The speakers are Huy Nguyen, Julian Abram Wainwright, Sergio, Ryan Brenizer, Erwin Darmali, Erin & Ben Chrisman. These are very talented  & egoless photographers and each have different approach to wedding photography and their business. We all have one thing in common which is "A STORYTELLER". Across the 2 day conference, each speakers offered valuable insight & tips which I can take on and work it out for my own. They are lots to write but I can't put them in words to describe them. I think that you should seriously go to this fearless conference personally.
Here are few highlights in no particular order :-

"There's no SUBMIT to go to, its an open space" #Sergio

"Don't try to be the BEST, try to STAND OUT" #Ryan Brenizer

"Photography is not a "gift", anyone can become a really good photographer with HARDWORK & DEDICATION" # Huy Nguyen

"Be a passionate photographer but a DISPASSIONATE EDITOR" #Julian Abram Wainwright
Julian asked his mother what her wedding photos meant to her, her answer has been what I always believe in. See below :-

"A wedding picture is more than a record of a joyous event - its an image filled with happiness and sometimes regret that some loved ones who witnessed and shared the occation are no longer with us. It is a family time capsule. It is onlt as we grow older that we look at these images anew with a sense of fleeting time - the time that has passed and the time ahead. Yet the joy of the occasion is the constant that remians with us forever. - Frances Wainwright"

"Safe & Normal is the ENERMY of Creativity" #Erwin Darmali

"Practice every single day just so you don't get RUSTED" # Erin & Ben Chrisman
"Finding your VISION is finding out what you LOVE about the WORLD and showing it. It's that simple" #Erin & Ben Chrisman.

Few shut doors has been opened and so eagle to execute them. Can't wait to meet up everyone next year. Great to meet and befriended with everyone (from Indonesia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippine and South Africa)  that are at the Fearless Conference. Please bring on Foundation Workshop next year :) Also thanks to Zung for making it to the Conference else am the only Malaysian. Lastly, big thank you & hug for Kelly for making sure the conference running smoothly.

Here I share with you some photos from the conference. Some are snap using note 3.

Group Photos at Kuta Beach. Photo by Sergio, source :fearless connect