Pandawa Beach - Uluwatu - Kuta

We were reluctant to leave Ubud for our next few days stay in Kuta. But because of Fearless Photographers Conference am so excited about it that I didn't really think too much of leaving Ubud for Kuta.

From Kuta, we went to Pandawa Beach, not knowing of this place and didn't expect much at first. Its turn out that we love this beach more than Kuta. Love the cliff too.. so contrasty against the sky. Its was a bliss spending time here on the beach people watching. Its weird that I been treated like local. Maybe its a good sign. hahahaha... from Pandawa Beach, we headed to Uluwatu. Just in time before the Kecak dance started. As we didn't get to watch the Kecak dance last year, we promise our-self to comeback. We got entrance ticket and got to our seat directly so don't have time to take pictures of Uluwatu. I did take few last year :) The Kecak dance was enjoyable.

In some afternoon, we spend time just chilling at Kuta beach. This really once very busy beach. Huge crowd along the beach. You can see people surfing, selling beers, people selling food, clothing, massage, tattoo... Its was just nice to chill and do nothing.

Here are a few of the images, hope you will enjoy it.