Ubud - Street - Culture - Paddy Field

Ubud -  Last year we visited Ubud and just fell in love with this place. This year, we come back again and staying longer just so we can do bit of exploration. Checking in at Bliss Spa & Bungalow, this place were surrounded by paddy field. So peaceful...

We rented motorbike and ride around. Its was fun to do since I haven't ride a motorbike for more than 10 years. The food & culture were fascinating. At one point when we were at Ubud Market, we just people watching. Glad to finally tasted Naughty Nuri's Warung BBQ ribs, amazing how it taste.

From Ubud, we visited Teras Tegalalang & Kintamani again, yet again the paddy has been harvested. Venturing down the field was great experience but beware to be asked for donation.  Next trip will go to Kintamani early for the sunrise.

Barong dance was interesting to watch, the music tune were equally awesome to hear. From there we went to Kuta as mm attending Fearless Photographers Bali.

Pic above... the fact is that we wanted to see how local make "Babi Guling" but that was only in the morning around 7am. So that afternoon, Ketut's friend had butcher few pig for prayer. I watched how pig butcher before when I was kid. This kind of bring back memories. Keep stay tune foe more blog update as the next post would be the Beautiful Pandawa Beach.