Weekend Spend at Sematan Town

We had been planning for an overnight trip at Sematan Town for a while as we been absent for several month. So, we booked a chalet at Sematan Palm beach Resort back in mid of January 2013. Yes.... its has been a delay for this blog post.

If you been following this blog post, you know that this wasn't my first blog post of my trip to Sematan Town. If its your first time here, do type "Sematan Town" in the search box located on the right column, then you will know why we love Sematan Town.

We enjoy every trip to Sematan even its still in monsoon season.. meaning wet!!!! Count us lucky with bit of sunshine before the end of the day as I'm committed to snap we self-portraits of ours this time round since I already bought myself a tripod. Weather just nice... not extremely hot nor raining.. its rains for a while but not stopping us from having fun time.

At night, I step out to snap few shot of night scene around the resort. Its too very cloudy to see the stars... Not my night perhaps. packed and to to sleep for the morning sunrise which I did like 2 year ago.