Paddy Haversting at Kampung Skuduk.

Paddy haversting! Was it in the season? Have been always wanted to shots a documentary on paddy haversting which until recently I saw a friend posted a photo he took of paddy harvesting at some village near kuching but not Kampung Skuduk.

Decided to go to Kampung Skuduk the next weekend which is on 9th March. Excited as always and we wake up early then breakfast and arrived kampung skuduk at sunrise... But somehow we are bit too late as most of the paddy were already haversted. Only left a few patches here and there on the field. Not giving up, we waited as still pretty early then slowly
few villagers come to the paddy field to hand pick the paddy which even nicer to photograph. We spend sometime talking with the woman working on the field haversting the paddy and she agree to let me photograph them.

Its a blissful morning! Great to see dog in the rice field as well as birds. We left around 9am as the sunlight getting hot... here I share few images photographed at Kampung Skuduk while we were there. Hopefully you will like it too...