Semenggoh Orang Utan Rehab & Tattoo at Borneo Headhunter: Caren & Matt Visit Part I

Caren & Matt were in town for a few days back in the second week of December to attend a wedding here in Kuching. I have the privileged to host Caren & Matt at my place since we have a guest room. Oh... Asang were in town too and he too stay with us.

We had few thing plans before Caren & Matt get here which include Semenggoh Oran Utan Rehab and tattooing at Borneo Headhunter place. Its has been a long time since I last went to Semenggoh, some changes been done but I do hope its doesn't get too commercialized.

Our doubt of seeing Orang Utan come out to feeding platform are rather low as its fruiting season. So, to get to see them at this time of year is a pure luck which we did and few of them spotted at the fruits garden feeding on ripe rambutan on the rambutan tree.

Ernestor at work
We drop by at Borneo Headhunter in the afternoon as Matt wanted to get a tattoo done in a traditional method, but we didn't have appointment with them. Its pure luck that Robin come open the door for us. FYI, its my first time ever at a tattoo house. Both Ernestor and Robin are seriously friendly people and am sure most client will remembered them after doing tattoo there. hm.. I remember them even I didn't get any tattoo....

Ernestor drown out the design as Matt wanted which is a simple version of "Tree of Life".. The next image below is the finished art.

Next I will post up images from climbing at Batman Wall.