Sunset at Pandan Beach, Lundu

Back in March 16th, we randomly decided to go have a very late seafood lunch at Ah Nien Seafood in Sematan town. The plan is seafood then head down to Pandan Beach for sunset and snap view self portrait in that awesome huge boulders by the beach.

Its has been very cloudy at Sematan which cast doubt about the sunset view at pandan beach later in the day. We chill near Sematan Jetty for awhile and I went under the jetty to snap a picture as I never done that before. Its turn out awesome...

Reaching Pandan Beach, the sunlight bursting out from the clouds... what a sight! How I wish we bring a bottle of wine with us... Will keep that in mind to bring that next time when we come back with Dixie too :) Here I share some images photographed while we were there.

Self Portaits with back lite light wasn't easy.. But once you know how... 

While walking back toward where we parked the car, saw this view with the moon half shined.