India Street & Gambier Street Kuching : Street Photography

If you remember in my previous posting that I mentioned I will post up pictures from my street photo hunt at India Street & Gambier Street? this is it....

I didn't take lots of photograph and I don't remember the last time I did take photograph at India Street & Gambier Street too.. That maybe like 3 years ago. I guest this time I have totally different approach to street photography. I left my EF70-200mm f2.8L IS at home and only bring my EOS 1DMII + EF50mm f1.4 and a EF17-40mm f4L which was in the bag.

With that, I will ask permission to photograph my subject which I found it interesting. Asking permission before take a photo of subject basically help you avoid unforeseen problem. More importantly, the subject already let you be around and for sure you will need to do some talking and get friendly to break the ice. I can somehow pose y subject bit especially to the light source.  I don't think language barrier will be a problem.

Below I share with you few pictures I captured at India Street & Gambier Street in Kuching using EOS1DMII + EF50mm f1.4. Some shot are totally candid and some are directed pose.