Dixie, Our Dog.

 Dixie! If you don't already know, she is our dog! We have her with us for about 4 years already. How we found her? That I will tell you....

One weekend we go Rock Clmbing at Batman Wall (Pic below) back in 2008 when Caren's friend Alex & Eve from Ausie came for a visit. Lots of people were there for a climb that
day but I do remember, Asang, Alex and Chien were there..
 Asang told us that there are 3 puppies near the ruining cement while I was taking some pictures at the baby wall. I rushed over and have a look of the puppy and they are still really small. 4 weeks old I presume... Snap a few pic with my Olympus AZ1 which the only camera I had that time. Dixie its the little 1 furthest away among the tree.
Dixie the last 1, the middle 1 is Julee which given to my Granduncle's neighbor and the first 1 give to my granduncle's friend.

So.... Hui Hui & I have a debate! should we bring them home? How are we gonna find a place to the other 2 since we only can keep 1. With suggestion from Caren and others, I decided to bring all 3 back as I wasn't sure at first. Reached home, I snap few pictures of Dixie (Of cause, at that moment we haven't gave her a name) using Caren's EOS 400D which she let me use whenever we go outing together. Aren't she a cute one? At last we named her DIXIE which inspired by a movie (Because of Winn-Dixie) we watched.

From time to time, we bring her back to batman wall and she sniff around, running around...She grown up pretty fast! Not only batman wall, We bring her to lots of places include Lundu, Sematan, Pasir Pandak....

 I hope Dixie remembers Caren. Am sure she does as Caren been taking care of her for few days in Jan Year 2009.

We recently moved to our new home and since then, Dixie really enjoying the new place. We tie her less that for sure :)

What does those eyes said?
In 1 hot afternoon, Hui Hui bathing Dixie. Me on the other hand, ask Hui Hui to wait as I wanting to shots Dixie's shakes dry. Captures the series of photos below using my EOS 1DMII +EF70-200mm f2.8L IS in her single shakes dry. Love it....

As always, she so adorable and cute.... You she know you well, she will play hide and seek with you..