Fun Casual Portrait of Us at Sematan Town.

Our fail Levitation shot.

Sematan Town has always been our top list to go place if we are thinking of having sometime out of the town or just for fun shots. I have posted numerous photo taken at Sematan Town and been here often that I lost count. After a long absence, we return with some fun plan which are to try to shot some levitation shot & and on the other hand Hui Hui have idea for Valentine's Day shot. So we bring our couple shirt along for that.

Its really cloudy! I would hope there will be more of the blue skies with clouds hovering but that not the case. That doesn't stop us, its still a go. Its hot! though the skies really cloudy. Always felt good to be back here. As we arrived late around 4pm, we only have about 2 hour for the shot then head back to Kuching to attend dinner.

Though I didn't really captured what I wanted as we forgot to bring along another prop (will do it next time), we had lots of fun & hilarious time! especially jumping for the levitation shot on the timer mode. View were awesome, village too.. Its just something that will would always love for a return visit.

Here are some pictures taken that we love to share with you. Hope you like it...

While setting up, saw them coming from the other end. I quickly grab the camera and waited for them.
First test shot.
First try on the levitation shot. Wasn't easy as she have to practice to get the sequence right.
Pretty straight forward shot but to get the foot straight wasn't easy.
2nd try on the walks and jump.
Camera on tripod and on timer.
We drive around as usual and always wanted to get some pictures here. why not..
Just love the lighting..
Hui Hui wanted few shot for Valentine theme.
too HOT that its out of focus I lil..
Time the Jump jump wasn't easy and really fun!
The follow up after the jump, we just love it in camera!
Another failed levitation shot. Can't remember number what already. But we had fun!
The moment after the jump.
I need to get connected.
Forgot to bring another important prop :(
We just love having fun time here at this grass field. Its just an awesome place.
Tall grass, what was she standing on?
You get the answer now.
Slow shutter and the blur on the umbrella as its spinning.
Here comes the sun light.
I ask Hui Hui to snap a pic of me for my profile.
With this, I have another fun idea,
First try throwing the umbrella.
2nd try.
I combine 5 out of the 9 frame of the 2nd umbrella throw.
Its just upside down.
3rd throw.
You'll never know where it will land.
Rainning umbrella.
4th try... wind too strong that its somehow d-form the umbrella.
Driving pass Kpg. Siru, saw them playing ball and they mum cutting grass in the background.
Ducks by the road side.
Kids (young goat) gazing grass freely.