Climbers from Singapore Climbed at Batman Wall, Part II.

Sunday! Months back, normally I'll be here at Batman Wall. Has been absent for too long until yesterday (17th Sept) Jed, Racheal, Chris, David & Marz fly down from Singapore to climb here. This Sunday morning, Alex, Nor and friends, Malcolm, Eunice, Mel were at the Batman Wall to climb as well. Can't remember when the last time there are so many climbers here at the Wall.

Everyone set they goal on which route to climb and soon carabiner and rope were on the starts of "999". Warm up for next harder & much challenging climb for the climbers. On the other hand, Alex seem to be climbing a route..

Here are some pictures (gonna be a long one) to share with all of you.

Pulling up for the Batman start.

Batman Wall.

Alex on "Grime Alley"

Pull up to the first bolt for the start.

Chris on sight "999" and for warm up.

View from the road.

Marz top roping "999"

Butterfly love the sweat.

Hope the sun don't shine on the wall.

There you go, another pic of Alex cleaning and brushing.

The ladder did help on less pulling.

Jed tackling "999"

Made it to the top of "999"

Racheal's turn.

Chris looking for possible hand hold on the start of "Chimney" Is he doing the real man start?

Here he goes.

That the real man start. That what local climbers call it. If not really man start, you start using "999" then cross over to Chimney.

At the Chimney.

Just on top of the Chimney.

Almost on the top of the Route.

Marz gave it a try then come down as its just pumpy.

Alex on the "Grime Alley" again.

David doing Rodeo. but backward.

Nor's friend Jongkong, he almost red point the climb but fall at the last bolt.

Chris on Baslaici but later he went to the wrong clip point and went to Simtoi on the top half.

Eying for the next move.

Jed on "Chimney"


2 finger pocket.

Bowline knot seem easier to untied than the figure eight.

Chris second climb and this time he went to the correct clip on Baslaici.

Again, 2 finger pocket cling.

He fall just below the anchor.

Nor doing roof climb rated at 7C.

Defies gravity.