Satok Sunday Market with Canon Community Sarawak Group, 2012.

"Pasar Tamu DBKU" or commonly known as Satok Sunday Market which according to some source will be relocated to Petra Jaya. The truth and when? That I'm not sure of. If you have no idea about Satok Sunday Market, do visit my Previous posting here.

While browsing Eos Community Sarawak's group, saw a posting calling members for photo outing at Satok Sunday Market. Since I haven't been there for a long time, why not! and great to meet up and knows people too.

From my previous visit, I shot with only my EF70-200mm f2.8 but this time I wanna get up close with subject! So, EOS 1DMII + EF17-40mm f4 and EF50mm f1.4 will be my choice. That way I can force myself to interact with subject/s that I wanna photograph without them thinking why am I taking pictures of them from far which making them hold back true-self.

Tent set up for the Weekend Market.

BBQ stall, Sting Ray, Sardine and Satay (Chicken meat)

I bought a pack of tissue from her and stay for awhile to observe.

What an Expression! He knows I wanna take photo of him. Cool person.



I LOVE Kuching.

Fur Ball Lover.

a group of student shy and laugh seeing me snap a pics of them and his friend with camera have no idea I was at the back.

Pretty looking flower and have lots of varieties.

Orchids! Lots of them too...

He just go get more flower.

"Lekor" dried mince fish and deep fried.

Patrons selecting grapes from 1 of the fruits stall.

Here you go, try this.

Wild fruits of Borneo.

Patron selecting a Football Jersey!

Just because of the light.
Bags! Again, just because of the light.

Need plenty of drinks as its really hot.

A place for family outing too..

His friend teasing him for the fact that I there take a photo of him.

after breaking the ice, here you go...

Dried salted fish.. "beca long"

"Ikan Terubok" Good eating but lots of bone. This is the salted version.

Putting Salt to the "terubok"

Dad & Baby.
I was almost glued to this spot as I have observed lots of interactions! Kind of interesting when you start to interact with them as well. Making photographing way way easier as they are not holding back.

He is just shy! Before he turn, I snap this.

All smiles.

Behind a photograph, there's a photographer. She will be a great photographer.


Another shot of salting the ikan terubok.

Ikan Terubok.

"Lumek" a weird looking fish. Good eating but lots of soft-bone.

Just like the lighting. She become my subject.

Again, a family spotted!

She sit and wait for her family here.

Fugu, I would not eat this.

snail. yum!

Skinning the sweet potatoes.

Vegetables stall, most are farmers! Lots of interactions going on..