Trip to Batang Ai Longhouse Resort, managed by Hilton.

Had planned for this trip for sometime and all I know about this place is "Long House"... Well, truth is I didn't even check/google about this place. Kind of fun to explore the resort without knowing what they offers in the first place.

Have a hectic driving few days before as I was at Sibu to cover my friend's wedding (will do a post entry on this later on) then drive back to Kuching on Sunday noon to attend Angel's birthday dinner at Top Spot. So, you can imagine the distance I cover in that few days.

Getting up late, it seem we will missed the 12.45pm boat ride to Batang Ai, Hilton Resort. Traffic were bad, maybe people going back to hometown to celebrate Hari Raya which is around the corner. We reached Batang Ai Hydro right on 1.05pm, so have to wait for 2.30pm boat ride instead. Which is just fine as we can take a rest from the long journey which is about 250km from Kuching.

The ques at Shell Station were long and I had to choice but to refuel at next station.

Not a good idea "Taking Picture while Driving"! Just for record that I have 40km to go still.

Reached! Legs stretching and  resting for the next boat ride.

Found this higher ground and snap some picture. Its stitch up badly :(

Back and found Hui Hui sleeping and my camera bag become pillow.

The Hydro.. I been inot that Hydro long long time ago.

Wise to park the car there? What if its raining heavily? nar... Too dry and hazy at this time.

Too Hazy...

Borneo Honey Bee.

An Old Engine. of a boat maybe.

Down to the jetty for our boat ride to the resort.

Its a slow ride but its ok... Kind of enjoying the view. I just wish that the haze just go away.

Death drown tree.

hm.... an excursion island?

We reached the resort.

Look like lots of steps to step up before reaching the lobby. I just had my handful, left hand carry bag, camera bag on my back and right hand camera.

Hahahaha... Didn't even know that this place exist since 1995!

The Lobby! Grand! Make of hardwood! and can said all make built with hardwood. We checked in to our room.

Our Room. A twin bed!

Outside the room we checked in! Its a long house!

We went out exploring after Hui Hui taking short nap. Landscaping were great and the Long house just blend in!

Hm.. Hui Hui spotted few bat hanging on the roof just outside the last block of the long house.

Found this jungle trail and we hike and explore....

Another nice view... would be greater if no haze...

Along the trail.

Rattan vine! Hard to come by nowadays.

Hanging canopy walks. A tour guide tell the groups to walks ahead.
After waiting for them to cross, we take our turn... Just right here, Hui Hui head some noise down the forest floor and we search for it.. Wow! Its a Bulwer's Pheasant (Male). Just disappointed that I lighting really bad!

Almost right in the middle of the walks.. Its just very wobbly. I have crossed bamboo bridge but this just felt scarier actually. But it was fun with the strong wind and the rains..

I'm determine to have a photo of this canopy walks taken. Standing on both feet and knee bend felt like stabling yourself on rough sea yet both hand occupy with camera.

Raining.. we make it out of the forest. Then at this point, I found that the resort actually is built on the hill and its a island now since its flooded right after the water impoundment.

Gift store..

The Restaurant which I just forgot the name.

Rains continue...

Look like tonight will be having BBQ.

Pool after dinner. Pool table needs minor adjustment on the leveling.

Just love this area.

I asked Hui Hui to post for a shot.

Time for some dinner.

Night fall. Blue color visibly casted over the skies.

Just love corn ice cream.

Buffet style dinner.

Dessert... all sort of them.

Books, reader are all welcome..

The next morning! Weather turn bad :( its raining and never look like gonna stop and its a time to decide! home for Hari Raya or go to waterfall n long house in the wet.

Last pic before we left the resort.. Surely will be back for more exploring especially on the trail listed in Batang Ai National Park Website.

Thanks to all the Hilton Staffs for making our stay a memorable one. Will be back!!!