Visit to Semengoh Rehab & Jong Crocodile Farm

Raining! Felt reluctant to wake up early in this sort of day and just wanna go back to bed and hide behind blanket. Glad I didn't! Think back, it has been a year since I last go to Semengoh Orang Utan Rehab, still going there was exciting especially when you don't expect which orang utan will come out from the forest.

We (Joe, Jaimee, Hui Hui & Me) head to Semengoh Orang Utan Rahab right after breakfast at 3rd Mile Tarzen coffee shop and get there just around 8.20am. Still, the weather don't give any sign of recovery. Tourist start pouring in the centre and by 9am, still didn't see any sign of the Orang Utan nor head any call for them to come. I noticed that the feeding platform were moved to new place where it nearer to the forest.

Soon after, the park ranger give speech and words of advice to the tourist. Mainly to avoid getting to near to the orang utan. I didn't join in to listen as been there more than a dozen time.  We head in to the main feeding platform which is about 300 meter into the forest and wait for the Orang Utan to come out. 1 of the ranger calls for the orang utan to come out but none were seem. Soon, the tail tale sign of trees moving show that the orang utan are coming.

3 were spot and moving toward the platform, soon 1 come down and take the fruits place by the ranger on the platform and head up to the tree again. Wow!! Ritchie(refer to pic above) the alfa male is coming out as well. cool...Orang Utan head back into the forest after feeding and we all head out...Its another good day at the centre to be able to see them romp freely.

Heading toward main platform.

Fruits for the Orang Utan.

A canon shooter. Yay! that is a 100-400mm i think.

Here they come down for fruits.

Another 1 coming.

Ritchie the Alfa male. The rest of the orang utan were hanging on the tree.

My bro & his wife first time here at the centre.

Playing Chasing around!

Caution momma at the back.

Mutual understanding.

Handful & mouthful!

Ritchie coming! Clear the trail!

Looking at Ritchie walks along the trail..

Pitcher Plant.

We head back to car park.

After Semengoh Orang Utan, we headed to Jong's crocodile farm which I promise myself will not be coming back. Guess I will have to break that since Joe & Jaimee in town. Entrance fee was RM10 for local with Identification Card and RM16 for the 1 don't have it.  I wonder, what have they have improved since the last time i visited. Found out that its none, only can see some addition to new pond for holding more crocodiles.

Crocodile Feeding show where announced at speaker at 11am. everyone seem heading to the holding pond and we did too. I try not to snap any pictures, but just need to take some of how the crocs been treated to put the show. Lots to improve still, what i can said its not a value for money tourist spot yet.

The feeding kind of taunting the crocodiles, so we make a move to the other holding pond which were just more crocodiles, few deer, few goose, few monitor lizard, few eagle, few barn owl which I'm sad to see them in the cage.

Hope I can avoid another trip there. Might just go see the crocodile in the wild. That should be better.

Small pond with many crocodiles.

Jump for the food!

This too! U can see that the food been move last minute!

This series show the food were lifted.

This too.

Weird looking croc.

Common moorhen near the crocodile pond.

Lily pond.

Another small pond with lots of Juvenile Crocodile.