2011 Sarawak Inter-Cultural Moon Cake Festival, Carpenter Street.

9th September 2011, its the first day of Sarawak Inter-Cultural Moon Cake Festival year 2011 at Carpenter Street. This year, I have heard that this festival only last for four (4) days.

Have in mind what to expect, we planned to get there before 7pm where there is still available lights which would be great for picture opportunities as I don't plan to bring flash gun along and armed with Canon 1DMII + EF50mm f1.8.

Got there, We are surprise to see that there is not as many stall as last year. Reason maybe its only last four days, that were just my guessing. We continue on to hunt for the German Sausage Stall, sadly didn't see them there this year.

Tourist trying the "sio bee" sort of like Mince Port Steam Dumpling.

Mooncake Festival without moon? U can see the moon here, Just that I can't find a moon cake stall at that moment in such location so I can shot this in :(.

Look delicious this BBQ Chicken Wing. Saw this interesting lights, thus I take a snap.

Steam Peanuts!

All sort of Moon Cake! I didn't get any of these.

Stall Owner of these accessories.

Local Rice Wine. First time see it here in the festival.

Lily Yong were here for the Opening Night.

I can see what she is trying to capture, But I interested with the lights.

Lantern vs Angry bird.



Lion Dance troop giving vows.

Off they march on along Carpenter Street with their drum, gong...

China Town Gate against the twilight.

I think I ever meet him at Black Bean Coffee Shop.

Pavilion Building. Majestic in this twilight. Couldn't resist so I walk over for a snap.

Just love the lights hanging on the tree there.


Chinese Society Booth.

I think she wanna walks around. Adorable kid.

This Moon Cake stall look busy.

Love this lots but didn't buy any as I remember still have at home. lol...

I bought these instead.

More people coming to this stall.

The singing competition. So loud in this confine street that wanna talks sort of have to scream.

On Stand by, BOMBA (Fireman) were here every year.

I think I snap a pic of him in 2009 Sarawak Regatta.

I think she was asking, "When will the VVIP Arriving?".

Putting on the candle for the lantern as VVIP arrived.

They had a wonderful experience.

Waiting eagerly for the VVIP.

Bump up with Matthew (Thomas's Brother).

VVIP, Yang Di-Pertua Negeri Sarawak.

Saw them climbing up the Truck! Experience for them...

Hope they have a great stay in Kuching.

Transport for the VVIP.

See him perform here every year.

Bubble gun!! That 1 hell of a good bubble making gun...

Its a beautiful sight! Right after this snap, Kally a friend of mine come up and ask " Are you Jong?(We talks in FB)" Ah... Kally, sorry for not noticing you. Good to have meet her there. You might wanna check out her blog at Kally's Blog.

The only few Lantern I saw along Carpenter Street. Not many stall putting up these..

Sarong! They are here every year.

Corn... I prefer to BBQ it together with the skin then pill it off :) That u have a sweet taste of the corn maintained.

Home we go....

Overall, we enjoy the walks! Might go back if Black Bean Coffee is open :)