2011 Malaysia Day, Part III of Sarawak Regatta.

2011 Sarawak Regatta maybe were postponed to 15th - 18th September 2011 because of Malaysia's Day (Public holiday for formation of Malaysia) or maybe because fasting month back in July. That's just my thought. Picture above show before the start of the fireworks. Helicopter flew by kind of interesting and its just put mystery to that empty dark skies.

July or September, Sarawak Regatta a yearly event attended by Local and Intentional. From Contestant and tourist alike. Were photographing "World Cup Wake Board Competition" on 16th Sep down at waterfront, I  received information that there will be fireworks and float boat tonight (16th September in conjunction with Malaysia Day) and for sure I'll be at Scott's place as I was there on 15th September on the 1st day of 2011 Sarawak Regatta.

Just before the fireworks which I forgot what time it is. Maybe around 10pm or so, I head to the roof top of Scott's place. Without tripod I just have to make use of my cellphone to get some angle for the long exposure.

BANG! colorful flame fill the skies down at waterfront for few minutes then its stop for like 15 minutes or so!

THEN! What come next really loud and kind of can feel the shack! Bommm... Bomm... I's enjoying the view more than clicking the shutter release of my 1DMII + 17-40mm f4.. That last for about 20 minutes of awesome fireworks.

Kind of cool freezing the moment in the commotion.

The only photo of the float boat that i snap.

Hope you like the images and do stay tune.