2011 Sarawak Wakeboard Worldcup, Part II of Sarawak Regatta.

Were late getting to waterfront! In fact I'm lucky as the last group of Woman Wake Board World Cup Contestant gonna start just in a second. Getting a spot where I can freely shot and swing the lense left -right were hard. Eventually found one right under the make-shift video-cameraman stage, tight spot and I can't complain much. Click here to know more about the Championship.

This group of five contestant are from US (Raimi Merritt), Japan, Sweden, South Africa & Singapore if I'm not mistaken. That the problem of not jotting down. lol... Spectators were on the guard rail along the waterfront where the contestant is. Its my first time seeing this here in Kuching anywhere. Other than that, I only saw it on ESPN channel.

Shooting the contestant wake boarding not easy at all from far and I'm sure the rest of the photographer also realized that. So, will just have to wait for chance of them getting in there air close enough where I can shot them using my 70-200mm f2.8 as it attached with my 1DMII. 50D on the other hand attached with 17-40mm f4.

Here are some of my shoot which I witness first time here in Kuching. Hope they come back next year and hopefully they didn't swallow the water. 

ooo... for thos that are outside of Kuching, you can tune into "LIVE TELECAST". I hope that help and enjoy the show.

Raimi Merritt - Lining up for her first pass.

Shot this just because I like the clouds formation.

Contestant from Japan. Very friendly.

Big Air Time!

Sitting on at the back of the pick up boat after she fall on her last jump.

Red Bull!

Another Big Air! At this moment, I wish I were on that boat! Later I found out that the judges & commentator were on that boat.

She pass and jump not that far away from were I stand. Still I have to crop this pictures...

Fall on landing.


Line up for jump.

She love pink color. Series of 4 pictures on this jump.

Landed nicely.

She last jump then fall on landing.

Judges, commentator, photographer & videographer on this boat.

Raimi Merritt (Reigning World Champion) - Her Turn.

She signaling to the boatman. Not sure what she mean, maybe ask the boatman to go bit faster.

Raimi Merritt - Cutting and getting tension/speed for the big air!

First Jump of Raimi Merrit.

Doing back flip.


Snap without even looking at the viewfinder with 50D as I eyes on the 1DMII viewfinder.

Other than wake boarding, there are other activities for kids and adults as well at Waterfront.

Wow! They camp here.

Gab on the sling. Don't know what the name exactly.

Arguing! I'm sure they get over it.

Janice (Gab's friend) turn.

B&W kind of cool.

Thrill? Adrenalin Rush? Conclusion = She's having a fun ride!