2011 Sarawak Regatta, Part I

Sarawak Regatta 2011, not expecting to be going down to waterfront at all on this first day of Sarawak Regatta (15th September 2011) until Angel call up and said wanna go get beer supply for Saturday BBQ Party. So, after getting the beer we hangout bit at Scott's Apartment at Riverbank Suite.

To view the race from 14th is like having VIP seat! U can just see everything. from the starting line till finishing line. Cool but I don't have such zoom lense for close up shot. Geared only my 50D + 70-200mm f2.8 & 1DMII +17-40mm f4, I take few snap of the race. The Final heat of the day, the competition for 2nd place were fierce as you can see 5 boats compete for that spot.

oh... its the only time in the year that there are so many boats on the river.

5 boats compete for 2nd spot of the Final Heat.
Crossing the finishing line marked with flag.

Hot day! need to cool down. how? they just jump into the river.

Some view from 14th floor.

So many boats! Mt. Serapi in the backdrop.

Final heat just started at the Starting line far down the river.

River Taxi...

Hui Hui... Warm Sunlight.

Cold Beer just nice for this hot day.

Police on Jetski passing by fast!

Billy watching the race.

Hazy! Not sure the sunset will be great later on.

Fort Margherita! Standing firm.

Dusk from the top of Riverbank Suite.

Got to thanks the kids for the foreground for adding interest. Else would felt this photo pretty silence.

Hui Hui wanna have a pic taken here. Looking over the edge kind of like... no word to describe the feeling.

lol.. Self portrait.

At night, we walks down the waterfront and bought dinner from the street vendor. Kind of nice and some cultural dance were also happening at waterfront. People with lantern walks around especially kids.

Travis is hungry.

Organizer testing the lighting.

Not only Chinese enjoy playing lantern! Malaysian do!

No idea what the name of this dance.

Lantern everywhere..

All attention on Travis.

Someone gave Travis a Lantern.

Never see so many people here at waterfront during other time.

Some VIP. I don't even recognize 1.

We just love the lighting in the background. We take quick 1 snap of it surrounded by traffic police. They are there to control traffic :)

Self-Portrait. Will be back to shoot portrait here if someone is keen :)

Travis new bubble toy.

We left to go back to Riverbank Suite and we go out crazy and brave up to get some picture in the middle of the city.

Love the green highlight.

Lol... People might think that we are crazy.

Hope you like the pictures, will post up second day photo soon.