Dusk at Sematan Town & snapshot at the fishing village.

Were having dinner at Sematan Town and seeing this fiery skies. Thought that I would be too late heading to the jetty for some decent photographs.

Head to the jetty right after finished with dinner and only to remember that I dont have tripod with me for long exposure shot. Guess I'll have to think of ways to have a good shot for long exposure withot a tripod. Seeing the color casted over the clouds on the skies just jaw dropping.. Maybe I'm bit exaggerated there...The photo above shot with 30 second exposure and camera place on the steel rail stable with my hand.

Below are some of the shots of the Dusk on 18th July at Over Sematan Town. The Mountain on the background is Mt. Pueh.

This shot is a sticth of 9 photos shot horizontally handheld.

I'm trying to get as low as possible. Have my feet wet for this.

This boat tied but seem like wanna head to the Island.

Another Long exposure shot, camera placed on the cerment.

Long exposure shot, camera placed at the edge of the stairs and strap wrapped around my hand. Have to hold still for 30 second :(

Another long exposure shot, I have to use my shoes to get this angle.

Typical view along the Fishing Village at Sematan Town. Mangrove Forest.

Rains and she sit at the balcony. I would sit and have a cup of coffee there :)

His little girl help pass him the empty bottle so he can tied it on the drift net (to catch flower crab).

Rains! Dog & Cat share the same shade under this car. Guess its really raining Cats & Dogs :)

Pineapples at Sematan are sweet! I bought some back and share with friends and Funky Gibbon.

Low tied... but the boat seem like wanting to go out.

This cow really cute!

Lovely eye!

She love this sort of grass :)

That all the pictures I taken, hope you will like its. Maybe will put up pictures of the birds in my next posting.