Rock CLimbing at Batman Wall, 2011

Felt like ages that I last went to Batman Wall to chill and photographing my friends climb. Its a new year (2011), I make a promise to go there even if not taking any photo while talking on the phone with Caren and Caren told me that Danielle will be there to have a try.

Everyone were already there once I get there and Caren already belaying Danielle up at "999". I'm pretty late for sure and missing out photographing Daniele on "999". Everyone have a fair share of climb and taking turn in belaying. Great to photograph Caren and Asang climb Simtoi again. Been more than 1 year since I last shoot them climb that route which I previously shoot using 400D + 18-200mm. So much moments to photograph plus the lighting were just as awesome.

Below are few pictures from the Sunday (9th Jan 2011) climb.