Pandan Beach, Lundu: Part 2

Continue from part 1.

By noon, there's a group of big biker arrived but some left to Sematan as Hui Hui over heard their conversation. Few having a cup of coffee at the convenient stall, they all left soon after. The engine sound from the big bike just feel like music to ear.

Then a rider riding Yamaha pop up at the beach and seem to be looking for place to get back to the road. The path near the beach front cafe was chosen. While trying to steer away from the loose sand, eventually the rear stuck in the sand. I wanted to go help directly but no one attended to the bag and camera gears, so have to wait for Hui Hui to return from rest room. I take a pic and zoom in to see... ah... Panasonic stickers on the bike, I know who its Alex Wong. I run over to lend a hand once Hui Hui is back. The bike pretty heavy :)

Eunice & Malcolm were at the cafe as we headed there. They went for bicycle ride from Lundu Town and stop there for rest & lunch. They all left after refill. I snap few picture of Alex's bike before he left to meet up with his friends.

I just love that phrase there..

Asang Preparing for 2nd round as the tide coming in. The wave look promising but I'm bit reluctant to head out as its just too sunny. Might just wait for bit and look for something to shoot near the cafe area in the shade. Head to the back yard and saw a small garden and some orchid. Good for few picture as I never saw such kind of orchid before.

Not sure what that? Taken using 400D + 24mm f2.8

Chop Board.

Orchid in the back yard of the Cafe.

Aloe Vera

Just forgot what is this.

Yes! self portrait. lol... Hui Hui said wanted to take self portrait.. Lucky the remote trigger was in the bag still. Take few pics and she just seem can't get serious. hahah.. that her... Soon, I left the camera with her and I head to the beach with 50D + 70-200mm to snap Asang & Caren & friends surfing.

All smiles... must be fun :)

Desmond having fun too...

He head out again.

His signature Pose.

Just love this sort of soft light.

I just feel like wanna go hit those wave.. hahaa...

Weather seem to turn around with thick raining clouds come rolling in. We head back and packed to go home. I enjoy the day just chill there even though I'm not in the water surfing. Will be heading beach more often since wave will be bigger at year end.