Pandan Beach, Lundu: Part 1

Yay... Sunday! Pandan Beach here we come :) But before that, Hui Hui and Me meet up with Asang & Caren at green noodle for breakfast. Having Laksa this time and hope my stomach can handle it well this time.

We all in Tom (Caren's car) and headed to Pandan Beach we go. Asang at the steering control seat. I take few picture along the way.. After 1 hour plus, we get to Pandan Beach and can see that there are lots of people and 2 school bus was in front. School Holidays I presume. Soon, we meet up with Jack, Liu, Desmond, Winnie and the other as they overnight there and 1 of the chalet.

Tide were pretty low but still wave were good enough for surfing. Caren & Asang get the surf board ready & waxed and head to the beach. I follow soon from behind to snap some pictures. Hot day.. wish I had my hat with me. hahaha...After riding heaps of time on the wave, we all head back to the small convenient stall at the beach front and have a fresh coconut juice each.

This the end of part 1. Meet friends there at the beach & a friend's bike stuck in the sand, just! momentary. that will be in part 2.

On the way to Pandan Beach. Snap this in the back seat of Tom.

Wong's greeted Us. lol..

To the Beach!

Almost there..

Wax the board!

Beach front Cafe/convenient stall. Like this fence.

Who gonna ride me?

That way better you recon?

Fly fly fly...

Stream of Fresh Water... Kids packed the beach.

Here you are.

Mud/sand bath? She was looking at me walk pass by her. Took this when she is not looking at me.


Another wave ridden.

Asang ride on a good wave.

Ops! wipe out!~

More people at the beach. This cool stream of water cool my feet :)

Small fish at this small stream.

Mangrove tree flower I presume.

Inside of the Beach front Cafe. That my coconut.

By noon, Pandan Beach seem fully packed

The boys head to the beach!

These 2 just seated there and I snap without them knowing.

Do come back for part 2 of Pandan beach.