Kem Alapong Beach, Lundu

Went for a drive to Lundu town around noon, stoping by at the town to buy some fruits (watermelon) and I bought 3 watermelon for RM10. Just love eating watermelon. Walks around the market see if there is any interesting local fruits...

Deciding to head to Kem Alapong Beach which is just before "Pandan Beach" at Lundu. Its was really Hot! Kem Alapong Beach just the best place for that kind of weather compare to Pandan beach as the place is shaded by the coconuts tree.

Its bit windy and the sea is really flat! Shade, breeze and view are what Hui Hui and me come for. The view really amazing even under the hot sunlight around noon time.

I took few pictures and take some self portrait shoot and hang around till around 3.00pm then we head home.

Below are some pictures taken there....

1. Coconuts tree provide shade

2. Fantastic View

3. We are just enjoying the scenic view.

4. Self Portrait.... "X" naturally.

5. Self portrait, as Hui Hui was busy arranging name with seashells.

6. Me, monkeying around!

7. Self portrait again! Hui Hui laughing at me for this.

8. Hui Hui's work of art!

9. Hot day!

10. Hui Hui be Monkey!

11. Shadows...

12. Against the blue sky.

13. Flare from hot sun!

14. Self Portrait, Panoramic view of stitch of 9 pictures.

Note: This is a dangerous beach to go swim when the Wave is big and Current is Strong! So, be cautious!