Kampung (Village) Sait along with few other villages along the trail till Kpg Semban are not accessible by road or by river. The only way to get there is on foot or may be using Helicopter. Yet, with the construction of the Dam at Kpg Bengoh in progress, Kpg Sait or maybe Kpg Bojong will probably under the water once its completion.

On 27th June 2010; Wake up early at 7.00am and get ready to get to 10th mile (kolog mee coffee shop) as the meet up point which was at 8.30am. Got there early and ordered "kolog mee" for breakfast.. its look good but not my taste of kolog mee.. lol...

Soon after all of them (10 people) arrived and filled their stomach, we depart to Kpg. Bengoh's Dam area where the head trail to Kampung Sait is. Getting there like around 10.30am, quickly gear up and start to walks into the trail.

Its only my 2nd time to the village, and 1st time for Hui Hui. The first time was like 5 years ago and pics taken using my compact camera back then was all corrupted. This time, I bring along 400D + tokina 12-24mm & 50D + 70-200mm so that I don't have to swap lense.

Trail wasn't that hard but needs lots of legs muscle as you will be going up hill (steps) and then down hill. Repeating like lots of time of that Up & down, I almost got both of my legs cramp on the way back. Crossing few bamboo bridge and its was a great experience for the first timer there.

Hike to Kpg Sait take about 1.++ hour then we rested for abit at Kpg Sait and continue to Kampung Bojong Waterfall which take about 40 minutes. Spending about 30 minutes there, seem like will be raining pretty soon. So, Hui Hui & Me decided to go back to Kpg Sait first. Raining heavily along the way back but was nice and cool walking in the rains. Waited for them more than 30 minutes at Kpg Sait's convenient stall but they didn't turn up. So, We inform the stall owner to let the other know that Hui Hui & Me hike back to the Dam area first.

What to prepare? bring enough water(2-3 bottle) and maybe rain coat. Be sure to go before the Dam completed.

1. Kolog Mee at 10th mile kopitiam. Not my liking.

2. The Dam site and Kpg. Bengoh

3. Access to the Dam by Road. About 3-4km from Kpg Bengoh. definitely cut the trail short.

4. Shot this from inside the car while driving.

5. Villagers at the trail head. This will be full when they are back from town.

6. Mountain view from the trail head.

7. The rest of the members of the group making progress.

8. Typical trail along the way.... Steps and more steps..

9. Vilagers heading to the Trail head, to get supply at near-by town.

10. Friendly People.

11. Tradition.

12. Bamboo Bridge

13. First timer crossing the Hanging Bamboo Bridge.

14. Almost at the other side.

15. Its an experience for her.

16. Pitcher Plant

17. Villager hike back to their Village.


19. Was at the middle of the bamboo bridge to snap this.

20. 2nd Bamboo Bridge. Longer but much stable.

21. Heavy back-pack

22. Simple construction.

23. Joy and happy getting to the end of it.

24. Resting point. Villagers rest here before hike on.

25. She insisting on taking a pic with the villager.

26. Rubber tapping along the trail. 1 of the source of income.

27. Lot and lots of bamboo along the trail.

28. Villager use this to catch fish.

29. Kpg. Sait. We make it!

30. Chicken run free at the village.

31. Typical house at Kpg Sait.

32. All black Cat! inside of the house above.

33. Drying black pepper.

34. Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot.

35. The Villagers

36. Kampung Bojong Waterfall. Long shutter and handheld, really bad idea.

37, snake with its prey, in the water.