I make a phone call to Gunung Gading National Park to check out whether the Rafflesia has bloom. Was excited and happy hearing positive answer at the end of the line.

So, Ask Hui Hui if she want to go have a look since she never see a bloomed Rafflesia. I personally never see a fresh bloom Rafflesia, only ever saw twice that are already almost dried up. Normally Rafflesia bloomed for about few days only.

Off we go to Gunung Gading National Park, weather at Lundu seem disappointing from far and its raining once we reached. Seem the rains will be awhile, we hangout for drink at coffee shop,buy fresh fruits at the market...

When rain stop, we quickly head to Gunung Gading National Park, registered and paid RM10 per person for entrance then directly head to the trail to search for the bloomed Rafflesia. Of cause, I did ask for where about the bloomed Rafflesia is from the park ranger. Bump up with 2 tourist at the registration area.

While I was searching around for the Rafflesia, 2 of the tourist also searching for it... then they walks further up. Hui Hui was asking me what color will the fresh bloomed Rafflesia. Just as I answered, she said "Is that the one?" I go and check, Yeah!!! Told Hui Hui to call 2 of the tourist as we found it. We had a chat and glad to meet Mr. and Mrs. Ong.

I quickly take few shoot as I expected will rain very soon. As said, its did rain and quickly pack and head back to the car. Luckily Hui Hui did bring umbrella along. Else might have to use the small strobe umbrella.

Below are few pictures from the Rafflesia Hunt at Gunung Gading National Park. Please Enjoy....

1. I found the Rafflesia...

2. Smelly, she just act it out... will be smelly after few days.

3. Mr. Ong. His camera battery run flat. I offer to take a photo of him with the Rafflesia.

4. Attracted flies.

5. Just look fake.. sitting on the rock... actually grow from a tree root.

6. side view as i get closer.

7. Top View

8. Get in closer

9. Amazing color... wish i did bring my DIY reflector. Shot this with 70-200mm


11. Filament inside... not sure what it called.

12. Change the lights position. my white umbrella become my reflector.

13. Stitch of 3 pictures...