Sarawak Ragatta was held yearly and history dated back in late 18th century. This event is a sports event involved water, so spectators get to see traditional longboats, dragon boats, power boats from other district in Sarawak or even from other State in Malaysia competing against each other.

Y2009 Sarawak Regatta was held on the of July at Kuching Waterfront and is organized by Sarawak River Board. On the same day, Sarawak DUN complex will convene its first assembly meeting followed by Sarawak River Float and Fireworks that was held in the evening.

On that very day, I did go to Kuching Waterfront and take few shots of the event then at night I went to Pelita Carpark (where Star Cineplex is) to photograph some photo of the fireworks (to be posted in another entry).

1. I parked my car at Medan Pelita Carpark. View from Medan Pelita. Overlooking carpenter street and DUN Complex far right.

2. View at Kuching Waterfront; few hotel at the background

3. Setup for the VVIP

4. Royal Boat I presume; The captain of the boat hand his compact to me and ask me to take photo.

5. DUN Complex

6. Square Tower

7. Organizer at work

8. Spectators waiting for the start of the event

9. Longboats paddle race; its a hot day!

10. 4.. 5...4.... 5....

11. Needs to cool down

12. Contender from Pahang

13. Powerboat, some come all the way from Kapit

14. The Challenger


16. Traditional Dress

The next day, there was Jet ski competition. will post that one up as well.