Sematan town, a sub district of Lundu town is a quiet, laid-back town located about 110km from Kuching. It take about 1 hour plus or minus depend on the speed to get there... it take me about 1 hour to get there... Scenic view along the way.

Beautiful beaches and vast countryside set against the backdrop of the picturesque Mt. Pueh is perhaps one of the best of this small town.. The scenic view and relaxing laid-back style are the main reasons i make a return often. I can just sit at the coffee shop enjoying the sea breeze or just somewhere at the beaches under the pine tree or even fishing at the jetty.

Sabath Waterfall, located about 3km into Kpg Pueh is one of the attraction not many people know of... the waterfall is not big compare to Jangkar Waterfall but its still a great picnic place and clear and cold water for a swim.

Not far from Sabath waterfall, the only silk farm in Malaysia, managed by Zuhrah Pelangi S/B is a place must go place. Its closed on Sunday though. Scenic view from the main building (look like the head of dark vader) is just breath taking.

To better enjoy the nature around Sematan area, its best to do bit of exploring. Below are few pictures I took from my visits.

1. Shop houses at Sematan town

2. Wooden shop house

3. the shop

4. from the Jetty: Fisherman picking up fish from fish net while storm approaching.

5. Nature Vs Man Made Wall

6. Sematan River Mouth Meets South China Sea

7. knock knock

8. Coconut.. dried.

9. Rainbow

10. Scenic view near a small village

11. Main Building at Silk Farm. Look like head of Dark Vader.

12. Sabath Waterfall! Nice picnic area and swim

13. Cafeteria of Palm Beach Resort

14. Palm Beach Resort. One of a few resort at Sematan if you plan to stay a night.

15. Surfer during monsoon season.

16. Some activities on the beach

17. The Beach...

18. Close up of the grass. Not sure what species but really love it.

19. Field of grass.

20. Padi Fied: backdrop is Mt. Pueh

21. Padi Field

22. One of the old chinese house at Sematan.