Jangkar Waterfall is situated at Kampung Jantan (Inside Kpg Biawak, Junction on the left at Lundu-Sematan Road) which is about 90km from Kuching City. Take Approximately 1.30 minutes hike through cocoa plantation, rubber plantation, forest and cris-crossing stream to get there from Kampung Jantan.

The first time I went there was lead by Junglemike, loving it since then and make 5 returns bringing my close friends that are enjoying the nature along.

Though rarely got people visiting this Waterfall, it is advisable that you do not go there if you don't know the way as you might get lost in the forest. Most importantly, bring out whatever rubbish that you bring in. That the water supply for the village people. So, don't bring detergent of shampoo there to bath.

This is the place that I make a bet with Caren where I stop smoking and she drink less Coke. Its been Two years since the bet and i did stop.....

Will make a return to the Waterfall when weather permitting... Also, if raining heavily, please don't go to the Waterfall.. as waterfall will rise up in alarming pace.

Below are few pictures from all the visits...

1. Typical house at Kpg. Jantan

2. Cat at the wooden house in the morning

3. Tapping of Rubber Tree Milk at the Rubber Plantation. Hard work!

4. Cocoa at the Cocoa Plantation

5. Rubber Seed Cover. My toy while as kid. Still remember how to do it. Its spins when you blow on it.

6. Grasshopper: look like dried leaf

7. Frog

8. We are cris-crossing the stream. Oldest member (72) in the group.

9. Clear and Cold Water. Good to cool down on hot day

10. The Waterfall! we hangout at the natural slide

11. Having Fun! we all end up having a hole on our pant.

12. Glen & Ling down the slide

13. Ling: Panning

14. Let Jump

15. Adrenalin Rush!

16. Cristal Clear Water and Cold!

17. Top of the waterfall. Shoot long exposure without tripod really chalenging.

18. Glen n Ling ready to jump in. * Don't simply jump as the rock are slippery. might knock on the head if slipped.

19. Jangkar Waterfall!