Semengoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Semengoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is just about 20km south of Kuching which is situated within the always wildlife rich and beautiful Semengoh Nature Reserve. Known for its Orang Utan Sanctuary to date there are about 25 Orang Utan living atSemengoh Nature Reserve. Click "Semengoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre" to further know about the centre.

I never visited the Semengoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre until year 2008 together with Caren and Mark. I was amazed and hooked up with the place since then. Its abundant of flora and fauna are one reason that draw me to go back to take photograph and even just go and see for more than 10 times since my first visit in 2008.

Anyhow, pictures below are only few of the many pictures taken at Semengoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. Will definitely be going back there again...

1. The Sign!

2. Numbers of Orang Utan and still counting.

3. Its said "No Entry"

4. Cage to crocodile. didnt take the picture of crocodile as i dont like to see them in the cage.

5. Briefing before going on Feeding platform trail.

6. Mum and Baby

7. Not sure his name but he is enjoying the banana

8. Well, she pile the coconut bare hand.

9. yellow small insect

10. Leaf

11. Another leaf

12. Carpenter Bee

13. Richie the Alfa Male

14. Seduku (The oldest female) is pregnant

15. Playing with food.

16. Youngster swing and high roping!

17. Agility

18. He is full of attitude. Breaking the branch seem like a territorial display.

19. Another Mum and Baby born naturally.

20. Seduku and her baby

21. Seduku and Baby

22. Walks Away!

23. Pitcher Plant

24. Leaf of palm