Batman Wall

Batman Wall is located before Fairy Cave.. Its about 30km away from Kuching City and located near a small town call Bau.

Batman Wall has been set up some years back maybe in the mid of 90s to promote Rock Climbing sports to the locals.

Other than Batman Wall, there are also Fist of Fairy which is just on top of the wall at the entry to the Fairy Cave and Nepenthes Wall which is at the view out on the top of the Fairy Cave.

More importantly, it is a Nature Reserve hence flora and fauna are abundant. But, sad to see the some people are not reading the message clearly stated on the Board.

Photo below taken some time ago as I follow and photograph my friends rock climbing there dozen of time. lots of photo taken at Batman Wall, only put a few here as wanted to saw photo of Batman Wall.

1. Book: Climb Malaysia: Batman Wall

2. Batman Wall, taken under a tree near the drain

3. Batman Wall, taken from the road side

4. Fist of Fairy. Main entrance of Fairy Cave.

5. Nepenthes Wall

6. Ch'ien saw and quickly capture this snake for a shoot then let it go.

7. Plants..