Kampung Sebuyau

Visited Pekan (small town in english) Sebuyau, Pekan Senbangan and other nearby village on a day trip some where around August together with Hui Hui and her friend (Ah Siew) whose hometown was at Pekan Senbangan.

We departed from Kuching to Pekan Senbangan around 9.00am in the morning after breakfast taking the Samarahan route. Its take about 1 hour to reach Ferry Batang Sadong, its a freaking huge river. The Ferry is huge but its look so small floating on the river. The Ferry ride across the River take about 15 to 20 minutes. The longest ever Ferry ride I ever get on crossing a River so far. Photo below of the Ferry.

1. Ferry at Batang Sadong

After crossing Batang Sadong, we continue to Kpg Sembangan. Forgotten how long the journey is as I was just amazed with the scenery, with all the coconut plantation on both side of the road. Anyhow, we reach Kpg Sembangan in no time and its a really small village with only 1 row of shop house. Wasting no time, I took few shot for remembrance. Photo below :-

2. The only row of shop house at Pekan Senbangan.

3.Scenic View of the River from the Jetty.

4. Rolling the Boat. I try to do painting with camera.

5. Kid waiting for his dad as he went to fish market

6. Student in life jacket line up and to get into the boat to cross the river.

7. Few minutes off and enjoying his cigarette.

8. Fresh fish. Caught by the Local.

9. He just chilling at the fish market.

Time flies and its already noon time, Lunch is prepared by Siew's brother and its yummy with all the fresh fish and prawn.

10. Our Lunch.

11. She is having a cup of coffee.

Before we depart to Pekan Sebuyau, i decided to take few more shot of the place. Photo below...

12. Student line up waiting for boat.

13. Parked Boat.

14. Dry fish/Salted fish dry under the sun.

After hangout awhile at Pekan Sembangan, we make a move to Pekan Sebuyau. On the way, we stop by at Siew's sister coconut farm. Mainly coconut plantation and pumpkin... See photo below..

15. Drying coconut. (Coconut oil production)

We make a quick move from Siew's sister farm and head directly to Pekan Sebuyau at the day is getting late. At last, we get to Pekan Sebuyau in 25 minutes of total driving from Pekan Senbangan at average speed of 80 km/h.

Pekan Sebuyau bit bigger in population compare to Pekan Senbagan and development really limited and hard to see source of income for the people living there. Nonetheless, its a nice and friendly small town which just located by the river and can see the sea. It was really windy as the wind blow from the sea.... photo below...

16. Should be abandon project at Pekan Sebuyau.

17. Wooden Shop House at Pekan Sebuyau.

18. Old School Shell Station.

19. Volunteer Fire Station.

20. Primary School

21. Park by the temple.

Its was already 4.oopm and we departed from Pekan Sebuyau to go to one of the Long House near by which i forgetten the name of the place. Maybe its Sadong Longhouse... maybe not.. photo below...

22. The Long House.

23. Inside the Longhouse.

24. Kid Staring at me. Only manage to snap her before they all run and hide.

25. Fallen Feather.

26. Mud all over with fish net in his hand.