Kayaking Journey to Sampadi Island.

On 1st June 2008, 1st day of Gawai Holiday, friends and me planed a kayaking trip to Sampadi Island from a beach at Kampung Rambungan. I know its really back dated entry, but its still fresh in my head. Missing it as this year didn't do anything kayaking in River or sea.

We had our breakfast late and depart to Kampung Rambungan via Sampadi-Lundu Road. Its was really a hot day with the blue overcast skies. We waited for awhile to get on to the Ferry as the ferry interval time is about 30 minutes. Its the first Ferry ride for few of my friends from Ausie.

We get to the beach at Kampung Rambungan and its was freaking hot day as the time was about noon time. We untied the kayak (3 sit on top and 1 sit in) and bring it to the beach then loads the drinks , foods and some BBQ stuff on to the kayak.

Off we go, its take about 1 hour of kayaking to reach Sampadi Island. Sitting at the back of kayak to steer in open ocean with wind above and current below, its not easy. Need to make constant steer correction to go straights. Anyhow we get there safe and sound with me trolling at the back of the kayak.

We hangout a bit and BBQ there.. Then off Gab and me go fishing on the kayak. So didnt take much photo of the island and the surrounding area. Will explore it next time around.

Before we make a move, we pack all the rubbish we bring in and put out the fire we made for the BBQ. Kayaking journey back to Kampung Rambungan beach seem like take hours as we all get tired and the current pusshing the opposite way. Still its take bit more than 1 hour to reach...

Below are the photo... taken June last year which i was still a Newbie... Now also.;; hahaha..
Note: Camera is in 2 dry bag along the journey.

1. Waiting for Ferry

2. Scenic View of Rambungan River

3. Still waiting for Ferry

4. Yeah.. on the ferry and moving

5. Reach Kampung Rambungan beach.

6. Kayak is untied.

7. We reached Sampadi Island.

8. Hangout and BBQ (sausages only)

9. Sampadi Island

10. Far away, Satang Besar and Satang Kecil

11. The rocks

12. reached the beach at Kampung Rambungan.... Tired

13. Sun Setting

14. Satang Besar and Satang Kecil..

15. Sun Burst and layers of clouds

16. Sun burst... look like thunderstorm is coming.

17. on the right is Sampadi Island.

18. Cheers.....

19. Mt. Santubong

20. Cheers... i try to climb up few times... always fall down.. so, just stand there instead.