Building around Kuching

This entry will be a pictures collection of buildings, tree around Kuching, be it Old, New or demolished building.

1. Sarawak Museum
Built in 1891 by James Brooke (1st White Rajah) as his resident, was extended to its present form in 1911.

Today Sarawak Museum is Borneo's main repository of ethnological and archeological artifacts featuring a permanent exhibition of native arts and crafts.

Many of the exhibits are from the collection of Alfred Russell Wallace, a naturalist who, with Charles Darwin, was a co-founder of the theory of evolution. Wallace spent a lot of time in Borneo and was a particular friend of the Brookes'.

An annex to the Museum has ancient Chinese porcelain recovered from shipwrecked junks off Sarawak's coast, and galleries devoted to the way of life of the various tribes.

Photo Below of Sarawak Museum...

1.1 Old Cannon in front of the Sarawak Museum

1.2 Sarawak Museum in present day

1.3 Sarawak Museum

2. General Post Malaysia

The Kuching General Post Office was built during the reign of Rajah Charles Vyner. Its Greek-style portico is supported by Corinthian columns. The building's facade is the only one of its kind in this part of the world.

Photo Below....



2.3 Back ally of Post Malaysia Building

3. The Pavilion

Built in 1909. Regarded as something of an architectural enigma, its design is reminiscent of buildings in the southern states of America - a mixture of late English renaissance and colonial architecture. It served as a General Hospital until 1947. served as textile museum.

Photo below...

3.1 The Pavilion

3.2 Unique Architecture

3.3 The Pavilion : View from Court House. Bet the Merdeka Plaza project which is undergoing just behind it will spoiled the colonial scenic view here.

4. Court House

Kuching Court House, built in 1873 by White Rajah government.It was served as central government head office and venue for all state ceremonies. Present day it is renovated and restored at the cost of RM18 million as the Sarawak tourism complex and hosting hot spot of various art and culture events.

Photo Below...

4.1 Old Court House

4.2 Old Court House

4.3 Early Morning Sunshine and Tourist at Old Court House


5. Tua Pek Kong Temple

Tua Pek Kong Temple’s history dates back to 1843

5.1 Present Day of Tua Pek Kong Temple

6. Square Tower

Built in 1879 as a fortress, luckily never fired a single shot in anger, unlike its wooden predecessor which was burnt down in 1857 gold miners’ rebellion. Nowadays it houses a multimedia information center and video theatre, providing information and documentaries on Sarawak’s tourist attractions.

7. Chinese Museum
Situated on the Waterfront,opposite the Tua Pek Kong Temple, in a former Chinese court built in 1912,this Museum portrays the fascinating history of Sarawak's diverse Chinese immigrants.

8. Gambier Street Old Vegetables Market
Built in early 1900s', demolished on 15th June 2008

9. Fish Market
Demolished in 15th June 2008

10. Garment Store Bazaar
1929 AD, Demolished on 15th June 2008