Tebedu, The Forgotten Border Town.

Tebedu, a small border town is situated about 105km or about 1 hour 30 minute drive at normal(90km/h) speed from Kuching.

Together with Thomas and Hui Hui, we went to Tebedu buckled up in Thomas Suzuki Swift. Destination is Thomas's house as it has been awhile didn't go there and the plan is to get some photo he needed.

Along the way, saw lots of Durian fruit hanging on durian tree, Rambutans, burned forest for padi plantation, pineapple planted on the hill slope and what amazed us was that we saw a swan of bee flying around. Can said that all plantation are small scale and involve minimal or none chemically produce fertilizer at all.

We stop by the roadside lots of time just to photograph some photo and share with you. All the scenery and plantation bring back the memory of my childhood while living at a small village at Samarahan (now become new campus of UNIMAS).

Below are few photo taken along the way :-

1. Swan of Bee

2. Not sure what tree is this. the Tree trunk is use as a support for the pepper vine to hold on.

3. The Pepper Tree

4.Typical Pepper Plantation on hill slope. shot taken fully zoom at 200mm
5.Small Pepper plantation + Hut

6. Padi field by the road side.

7. Padi (padi huma) planted on the burned hill slope.

8. Hut at the Padi field.

9.Pineapple plantation on hill slope.

At last we reached Thomas's place. I didn't photograph photo of Thomas's house as its P&C matter. So, better let keep in memory only. I can only said its and awesome place and nice and cozy house.

Wasted no time, I hunt and shoot some flowers and plants planted by his mum.

10. These plant (should be cucumber) just grow on 100% vermicompost.

11. Close up of the leaf. Can see the seed as well.

12. Longan Tree Fruiting

13. Orchird

14. White in Color

15. Smiles...

16. Aloe Vera

17. Sewing machine

We had a cold drink then we depart to photographed Tebedu land mark. Photo below..

18. Tebedu Land Mark. The hour and minute needle droped

We Head to petronas to refuel then went to Tebedu old town to take some photo of the old forgotten town.

we make a little detour while almost there and the car just stuck at the soft n wet soil. So, some soil clearing and pushing have to be done and lucky able to get the car out from that place. Photo below :-

19. Aftermath. Its not meant for Off-Road

Tebedu old town just a few step away and its look really silent with 2 row of OLD wooden shop houses. Photo below :-

20.Old wooden shop houses at Tebedu

21.Really old Window

22. Closed

23. Close to Nature

24. Small Public Library

25. Drying white pepper under the sun

We make a move to Mayang Tea Plantation after awhile but we didn't get there because was block by a stream of water which is too deep for Suzuki Swift to cross. So, we make a U-Turn and head back to Kuching. Photo below taken while on the way there...

26. Scenery

27. Scenery: Mountain Range

28. Left Behind Honey Comp on "Tapang Tree"

29. Which Route to take?

30. Cotton Tree: Shoot from the bridge

31. People of Mayang Village

32. Black Pepper in the making.