Qing San Yen Temple @ Kampung Muara Tebas

Ching San Yen Temple existed more than 200 years, occupies an ancient site. Here travelers gave thanks after safely crossing the South China Sea back in those day and in present day as well.

Ching San Yen Temple is situated at Muara Tebas, in a Village called Kampung (in english Village) Muara Tebas. This place has been a fishing and trading village for centuries.

The Shine was renovated in 1903 follow by a major renovation from 1994 to 2000.

That was a short history about Ching San Yen Temple that i know of...

On a usual Saturday late afternoon, Hui Hui and Me decided to paid a visit to Ching San (that what we usually call it). The distance is about 38 km from Kuching, hence its only take about 30 minutes drive.

I parked my car in front of one of the two restaurant there at the foot hill. Its wasn't much people on that particular day. so we walks up the steps to the temple and take pictures along the way.

Pictures below....

1. Typical Village houses at Kpg. Muara Tebas. Ching San Yen Temple is visible from where I stand.

2. Main Entrance

3. The Pagoda as shade to sit and rest.

4. More steps

5. Newly painted Wall.

6. Scenic view of the river and Kpg Muara Tebas from Ching San Yen

7. Ching San Yen

8. Foot?

9. Another scenic view


11. Inside the Temple.


13. Overlooking the village

14. "Knock Knock": Main Door.

15. Door Keeper?


17. Architecture Structure

18. on the Roof top


20. Door Keeper.

21. Kid with his bicycle

22. Coconut drink for refreshment.

23. Fishing Boat

24. Small wooden Boat

25. Ching San Yen Temple: view from the restaurant

26. Mud Skipper.