Paddy Haversting at Kampung Skuduk.

Paddy haversting! Was it in the season? Have been always wanted to shots a documentary on paddy haversting which until recently I saw a friend posted a photo he took of paddy harvesting at some village near kuching but not Kampung Skuduk.

Decided to go to Kampung Skuduk the next weekend which is on 9th March. Excited as always and we wake up early then breakfast and arrived kampung skuduk at sunrise... But somehow we are bit too late as most of the paddy were already haversted. Only left a few patches here and there on the field. Not giving up, we waited as still pretty early then slowly

Marcia & Jay Wedding Day at Riverside Majestic Hotel

29th December 2012. Marcia & Jay's wedding day ceremony were held at Riverside Majestic Hotel on the 18th floor. As both Marcia & Jay were in the State, Rachael (Marcia's sister) has been busy planning for her wedding day including engaging me photographer for the wedding day. I only get to meet Marcia few weeks before their wedding day then she fly off to KL.

Wedding | Ik Ling & Pai Ho

How Pai Ho & Ik Ling get to know each other very charming, cute and romantic in a way (for me). Let me share bit of the details with you..."Pai Ho who were working in Penang, hometown in Serian get to know Ik Ling whose hometown in Sibu through Facebook. They started to chart in Fb & MSN and get to know each other. The first time they met is on web cam, Pai Ho said she look really cute...Soon, Pai Ho invited her to Penang where they meet face to face for the first time....

Weekend Spend at Sematan Town

We had been planning for an overnight trip at Sematan Town for a while as we been absent for several month. So, we booked a chalet at Sematan Palm beach Resort back in mid of January 2013. Yes.... its has been a delay for this blog post.

If you been following this blog post, you know that this wasn't my first blog post of my trip to Sematan Town. If its your first time here, do type "Sematan Town" in the search box located on the right column, then you will know why we love Sematan Town.