Short Break to Sematan Town from July & August.

July & August 2013, we went to Sematan Town a number of time. Well, its our favorite weekend getaway destination and also my favorite place to go fishing together with my captain who live at sematan town.

This blog post are the collection of photo from my trip to Sematan back in July & August 2013. We check out Dynawood beach stay back in July and decided we must stay there for its farm style beach stay. Then in August, I went out fishing on Asym's Boat together with friends before Hari Raya. On Hari Raya, I make a trip up again to visit Asym house and photograph hisfamily portraits as well. Too bad its raining cats & dogs that day. Else can have outdoor family portraits rather than in the house.

This little town never stop to amaze me but I hope its stay this way which is kind of unique :)

 Beach in front my Sham's (My Captain when I go out fishing) house at Sematan Town.

 Hui Hui having a chat with Sham's wife, kids and relative.
 Boats by the beach.

  Reaction from eating raw sea shell.
 Sham's youngest son.
 Great weather to be at the beach.

 His his come with a doll.

 The Road toward Sham's House. my car back then not spray yet.
 Kids playing by the beach with Talang-Talang Island in the background.
 Love this wooden bridge.
 He come running to join his friend fishing.

 Really great dog at Dynawood Beach Stay.
 Puppy. He has grown up now.
 Old Classic Toyota.

 Sadly this black puppy died being run over by car few weeks after our visit.
 Fessing the cow & goats

 Dinner time for the rest as well.

 Tree House
 Monster Truck..

Every time I go out fishing, I was greeted by this gorgeous sunrise.

 The old wooden house, he been in coconuts oil business for sometime and live alone.

 Really great dog looking after the house while house owner collecting coconuts.
 He is back, he decline a portraits I requested. Its ok...
Have to dry this before the next process.
The day before go out fishing, drove pass here and saw the blooming flower. Didn't stop to take a pic as no sunlight hitting it to make the yellow pop. Coming back, its look totally different :) 

 Fish that I caught. This are only few of them. Have release quite lots of small one quietly.
 During Hari Raya, we are back at Sematan day tripping and this flower still blooming awesomely.
 Asym's Kid.

Really love the bloomed flower. Pretty Hui Hui :)

Its all over on the floor.

Sending the framed family photo to Asym, we stop by at Sham's place as I have few framed photo to pass to him as well. He invited us to attend his relative wedding. Didn't snap a pic of the village style reception though. After that we head to the beach where the kids plays :)