2013 World Animal Groove (WAG) Music Festival

2013 World Animal Groove (WAG) Music Festival | For the 2nd year running, Sarawak Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) has hosted a series of exciting event to commemorate World Animal Day in celebration of the animals who share our lives, and our world. (infor from WAG's Website)

For this main event The WAG Music Festival which happening on 12th Oct 2013 at Borneo Convention Centre (BCCK)features artistes, performers & comedian
from Malaysia, India, and Denmark with music genres range from traditional and fusion traditional to unique. They are listed below in no particular order :-

Gamelan SMK Matang Jaya - Kucing (Traditional/Fusion)
Avijit Ghosh & Arindam Chakravarty - India (Traditional)
Gabriel Fairuz Louis - Singapore (R&B/Ballads/Pop)
BIBI KPOH - Comedian
Nading Rhapsody - Sarawak (Traditional/Fusion)

The Bottle Boys - Denmark

While photographing, am just fascinated with the tunes from the performers. Its great to see people are enjoying themselves and helping at the same time. I would said, the star of the show that night was Bottle Boys which they are making really amazing tune just from bottle filled with water. Hope they did come back next year.

Here I share some images I snapped that night. Do stay tune as I will upload images from the Animazing Run & Wiggy Waggy Walks which happened in morning & afternoon of the same day.