Travel | Pandan Beach, Lundu.

Pandan Beach, Lundu! yeap... its been a while since the last visit. But this beautiful beach which I can said its one of the best in Kuching has its own unique attraction. This trip just mainly to chill and relax while enjoying the breeze and also checking out a new possible birding spot which found fruitful. The only problem is the tree bit too high and finding the birds with the same color as the leaves seriously not easy.

Am sure you are puzzled of which bird am talking about. Its the Long tailed Parakeet & blue crowned hanging parrots. After spending fare bit of time birding, we head to Ah Ku Seafood in Lundu Town (the lane opposite esso station) for dinner before heading back home. Here I share few photo we snapped that day including self portraits of us...

Long tailed Parakeet.