Beauty & The Feast | Editorial Shoots for KINO

Beauty & The Feast | As the title said it! This editorial assignment for Kuching In & Out (KINO) was a real adventure. We departed from Kuching early around 6.30am toward Kampung Sadir where Saloma's place were and managed to found it after stopping by to ask the villager along the way. That really was an experience and view view just breathtaking which I wish I stopped to snap it. You can read KINO's second issue HERE which this shoots was featured.

Arriving Saloma's place, I went scouting around her house/villagestay to a spot to photographed her in. The stairways leading to her house just caught my eyes as the light just awesome with the welcoming greenery sort of wrapping around it. I must remind myself to snap behind the scene photo for next assignment. Portraits of Saloma's were done pretty quick which only requires 1 flash gun be used to fill the shadow side of her face. This photo was chosen as its just show her personality.

Well, its about Feast.. the home-cook and traditional dish were really awesome. The best I had to that! Definitely will come to to explore the jungle/waterfront and meet the people there. Finger cross as I had a personal Project in mind which I wanted to do. Here I share some of the pictures I snaped which at Saloma's Villagestay.

Giant Fern

Small stream and Bamboo bridge which we must go through to Saloma's place.

Saloma just got back with fresh ingredient.

Fresh produces from jungle and farm.

The ingredient.. For naming please go to KINO.

A corner at the veranda.

Jambu around Saloma's House.

Preparing the Tapioca Leaves

Cooking chicken in the bamboo over wood stove.

Saloma's mum cooking chicken in the bamboo over wood stove.

Saloma & her mum pour out the cooked Herbal Tea (Piin Bekah Beras)

Marian playing with Giant Fern

The wild Ginger Flower

Saloma's Mum adding Vegs into the Chicken cook in Bamboo.

Rukan Seeds Soup (Buwak Rukan Sup). This is were the Giant fern goes into. Really great dish.

Saloma's mum pouring out the cook "Siyok Buruk"

Kampung Chicken in Bamboo or Siyok Buruk

Fried Tapioca Leaves (Dawun Dandung Gureng). yummy...

Grilled Muwang Shoot (Mbud Muwang) Very bitter veg but yummy..

Getting ready for the feast.

Marian (centre), Saloma (right) & Saloma's mom (left)

Upstair open space of the Villagestay.