Western Tarsier in Sarawak Forest

I never see a Tarsier before in Borneo's Rainforest. Been invited by Chien C. Lee & Caren to look for a Western Tarsier here in a Rainforest near Kuching  just excite Hui Hui & me and I couldn't resist not to tag along to find one.

We almost give up searching after about 2 hour of walks and intense search. Just as we wanted to head back, Chien saw a pair of orange eye just above forest floor shine by the head lights. Excited! I couldn't see it at all at first.. Only after getting nearer than I saw Tarsier up close for the first time. Couldn't believe that its so small. We keep our distance so we could take few shoot. Well, not as easy as this fella pretty shy and we make bit noise from the excitement as well.. So, its goes higher to the canopy.... that a thrill & an awesome experience to see 1 which I only ever saw in Nat Geo or Animal Planet...

I only have 2 shot and both shot I failed to captured the tail in the picture. I have to burn out the background of this picture as its just too distracting.

Note: Due to the safety of this animal, place we found this Tarsier will remain untold.