Sematan, Fishing Trip on 1st May.

Fishing.... has been my hobby since I was kid as I remember. Only different is I go fishing at sea now rather than at stream or river when I was a kid. I blog less about my fishing trip as I usually only take only a few pictures, Went the fishing started, I will just keep it going and rather keep the camera in the bag.

On this particular trip which has been planned like a month ago. Sham (Hashim younger brother) will be the captain, I prefer him as he usually very adventurous...Anyway, the plan is Hui Hui and my sis in law will be staying at Palm Beach Resort while my 4th bro and me will go for overnight fishing on Sham's boat.

1st May, we get to Sematan, Palm Beach Resort around 2pm and can see that lots of people were there as cars parked at the roadside outside the resort. Checked in adn hit to the room as its really hot.. only after a while I hit out to take some pictures. Though its hot, Its just awesome to see how it portray the beauty of nature. I think this is the most shot boat at Palm Beach Resort. What attract me really is the Talang-Talang island in the background.

Accidentally clicked on the shutter as I talks with my bro. Its turn out interesting angle..

Guest swimming & play at the swimming pool under the hot sunny lights.

Kite!!!! unique one as well.. I don't know him... I just walk over and ask if can take pictures. Gd to know that this 1 has 168 kites. I wind drag kind of like can carry my weight. I suggested him to move it away from the coconut tree for a shot and he agree.

He think about my suggestion.

Finally his friend is here to help him move the anchor by few feet.

He is showing his friend how to safely pull the line to move the anchor.

Better view without the coconut tree.

I like this kite as its make a unique sound.

Around 4.30pm, we got on to the boat and head out to the sea where the first fishing spot is. The skies are just magnificent over Mt. Pueh. Thunder storms cloud can be seem forming behind the Mountain.

Almost reached the fishing spot which is not far from the beach. Look like I'm heading back from the fishing trip. lol...

Younger brother of Sham. Our Anchor man and Squirt guy for the night.

Talang Talang Island! From where i'm on the boat to the Island, might be an hour away.

My bro's first catch for his first Sematan Fishing trip...

Our catch before the night fall. I packed my camera in the bag and lazy to get it out as my hand pretty dirty from the bait.

Overall about this trip is that we are happy that we are safely home though around 10.00pm the sea and windy condition very rough and heavy downpour till about 5am. So, cant do any fishing at all due to the strong wind which I recon about 50-60km/h. Lucky the wind not blowing from open ocean... that will be bad if so... So, the catch for this trip I consider so so... we catch few more Red Snapper and Grouper at night and few Stingray..No picture for those fish as I'm just too tired... Sleeping on the wooden boat can be heavy during the storm :)