E-Session | Aisha & Along | Sematan Town

Both Aisha & Along were working in Kuala Lumpur. He's from Kuching & she's from Kuala Lumpur. Aisha contacted and booked a portraits session at Sematan Town early Jan 2014. I asked why Sematan, she replied "I love the photos you taken at Sematan Town". I would be my pleasure to photograph them at this small little town that has been an inspirations to me.

Sematan Town, a very laid back seaside town.

Back in Kuching (our hometown) after traveling to Bali and few day stay at Kuala Lumpur, Hui Hui and I went to Sematan Town. Yes, I bet you had heard/read my previous blog posting of this little town. Am not bored of coming here really :)

This little town has been an inspiration for my photography. Its also a town where I found "ME". Me referring to what I really wanted to show in my images :) Thought I discovered that about 3 year ago, now I came back to practice what I learned while in Bali attending Fearless Photographers Conference. Needless to said, I found lots of new perspective in this little town that we visited lots.