Stacy & Andy Wedding Dinner Reception

Andy & Stacy's Wedding Dinner Reception were held at Bintulu Town Hall. The venue were beautifully decorated by In Esse Wedding to create the romantic setting.

As the day event unfold, invited guests arrived and seated. As Stacy & Andy marching into the hall lead by Keith Tan with his saxophone playing a piece from Kenny G's "The Moment", the lighting in the hall changed to "Pink Purple". That was really amazingly time.

Stacy & Andy Wedding Day in Bintulu

Few months prior to Andy & Stacy big day, Kelvin of In Esse Wedding (Wedding Planner for Andy & Stacy's wedding day) contacted me to inquired if I'm available to cover a wedding in Bintulu on 20th December 2012. I said yes but must get me back to Kuching on 21st as I need to cover another wedding on 22nd Dec (will blog this wedding soon).

Semenggoh Orang Utan Rehab & Tattoo at Borneo Headhunter: Caren & Matt Visit Part I

Caren & Matt were in town for a few days back in the second week of December to attend a wedding here in Kuching. I have the privileged to host Caren & Matt at my place since we have a guest room. Oh... Asang were in town too and he too stay with us.

We had few thing plans before Caren & Matt get here which include Semenggoh Oran Utan Rehab and tattooing at Borneo Headhunter place. Its has been a long time since I last went to Semenggoh, some changes been done but I do hope its doesn't get too commercialized.