Dixie, Our Dog.

 Dixie! If you don't already know, she is our dog! We have her with us for about 4 years already. How we found her? That I will tell you....

One weekend we go Rock Clmbing at Batman Wall (Pic below) back in 2008 when Caren's friend Alex & Eve from Ausie came for a visit. Lots of people were there for a climb that

2012 Sarawak Regatta @ Kuching Waterfront

Spectators cheering them on, 2012 Sarawak Regatta.

2012 Sarawak Regatta, this annual event eagerly anticipated by all and me as well has come rolling and making the scene at Kuching waterfront come alive with activities. This year, I have few personal arm! Of cause in photo term! Mainly just to get the photo I wanted and for sure the spot are off limits.

As that said, Hui Hui tag along in the hot afternoon and not so promising weather on Saturday (15th Sept) to Kuching waterfront. First thing that attracted us is the F&N booth! Nicely done and we bought ourselves 2 bottle of "100 plus" to cool down. As

Kem Alapong Beach, Lundu.

On our day off some week in July, we headed to Sematan Town as usual as our get away destination for reasons I'm you known by now already. If not do view my previous posting about this little magical fishing town.

So, from Sematan Town we headed down to Lundu to get to Kem Alapong beach where the rocks are after exploring the usual area there. Why are we here? just for the sunset! and we