Monday, January 17, 2011

Portrait of Hui Hui Inpired by Dean

This series on Pictures was inspired by Dean (photographer in "THE SHOT") which I watched an episode of it and wanted to shot it here at my hometown.

I have save my luggage airport tag from my last flight which I totally forgotten back from where, anyway no fancy luggage for the setup of the final image and will have to shot in available lights. So, timing kind of crucial. Without wasting time, we head out with 2 luggage in my car booth to the location around 3.00pm and its cloudy which I like for the reason that I don't get hash lighting hitting directly on my subject (Hui Hui).

Thanks god the weather were just turn out to be as I wanted. Quickly setup and place the luggage and park the car as I wanted and walks fair bit far away and take a snap then a few more. I'm sure the cars/bike that pass by us having some thought of "What those 2 silly people doing?"

Below are few shot from the series with the idea of "Car breakdown while on the way to Airport". For this particular setup good for product shoot.. will do that again soon. stay tune!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rock CLimbing at Batman Wall, 2011

Felt like ages that I last went to Batman Wall to chill and photographing my friends climb. Its a new year (2011), I make a promise to go there even if not taking any photo while talking on the phone with Caren and Caren told me that Danielle will be there to have a try.

Everyone were already there once I get there and Caren already belaying Danielle up at "999". I'm pretty late for sure and missing out photographing Daniele on "999". Everyone have a fair share of climb and taking turn in belaying. Great to photograph Caren and Asang climb Simtoi again. Been more than 1 year since I last shoot them climb that route which I previously shoot using 400D + 18-200mm. So much moments to photograph plus the lighting were just as awesome.

Below are few pictures from the Sunday (9th Jan 2011) climb.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Stephenie's Family

This blog post been delayed for awhile already as I was caught up with works (photo to look through). That seem like a lame reason for not posting it up. Anyway, the major one is that I will blog about this family portrait shoot after I pass them their Family Portrait printout.

Shoot was done on 27th December 2010, you can imagine how many days ago from today blog post. Location of shot is Reservoir Park, Kuching. I never meet up with Stephenie before, only communicate through phone and facebook mostly. I'm on the excited side for the shot.

As Stephenie and her family arrived, weather change for worst and its rains. I predict that rain will stop soon and so we sit it out and talks for bit. Once the rain did stop, we walks around the park as just like a family would go around for sight seeing. Felt great to have the opportunity and be there to photograph such a great families.

Below are few pictures from the session, hope you will enjoy it.